Heating options for the tiny house

It may seem a little early to think about heating the wee house, but it’s actually pretty appropriate so I know how to alter the framing if needed.  Will a window be in the way, how will it vent, will it take forever to ship, etc.?  So I’m down to 3 options after a tonContinue reading “Heating options for the tiny house”

The trailer is in and pallets have met their match…

Last weekend the trailer came in! This was quite a pleasant surprise, considering I was expecting it to take 4 weeks. For a trailer it looks like a decent size, but seems quite small when you imagine it being a house. Now that it’s in, titled and registered, dad and I are going to findContinue reading “The trailer is in and pallets have met their match…”

Tiny House Plans

Although I’m building from plans, this house is going to require a bit of customizing.  The biggest issue at the moment is the overall height because the trailer we ordered seems a little higher off the ground than most, thus requiring some shortening of the walls and changing the pitch of the roof.  I needContinue reading “Tiny House Plans”

Let the tiny house fun begin!

Well it has officially begun!  I’ve ordered the tiny house trailer and it should be here in 3 – 4 weeks.  It’s a 7 x 20 Leonard brand trailer, wood deck, no dovetail, no ramps, no sides, 10,000 # GVWR tandem axle. I was determined to find a trailer from a Virginia dealer and thisContinue reading “Let the tiny house fun begin!”


Welcome to Small House, Big Adventure! This blog is a complement to my master’s thesis in sustainable living in small spaces and I will be detailing my progress in building an actual tiny house on wheels!  Thanks for stopping by to check things out.  I should have more posts for your enjoyment in the comingContinue reading “Welcome!”

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