Welcome, friends! We’re a family farm in Giles County, Virginia. We offer soy-free fresh eggs, sourdough bread, fresh produce and heirloom seeds in our farm shop.

Soy-Free Eggs

Nutritious fresh eggs from happy hens who are fed soy-free, organic, locally-sourced feed.

a brown bowl with brown and green fresh chicken eggs with a black and white feather on top
a variety of sourdough and regular breads in different colors from white wheat to whole wheat to rye colored

Sourdough Bread

1870s Dutch sourdough sandwich bread, baked fresh to order.


Our Flock

Our chickens are either free-ranging the mountainside or roaming inside a large, secured fenced area when we need them isolated (predators, lawn work, etc.).

We feed our flock kitchen scraps in addition to soy-free, organic, Virginia feed. A large part of their diet is whatever they forage in the fields and forest. This special combination makes for extra tasty and extra nutritious eggs!

Each dozen carton will contain an assortment of egg colors – browns, blues, and greens. The eggs are inspected for quality, washed, and refrigerated before getting delivered to your door.

RockySinkFarm.com used to be SmallHouseBigAdventure.com! Small House, Big Adventure lives on in the tiny house blog archives. We thank those who are just joining us on our adventures as well as those who have followed from our tiny house days.

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