The Farm: Soy-Free Eggs

Our hens are mostly free-ranging during the day, and supplemented with soy-free, organic, local Virginia feed that makes a huge difference in egg quality.

$7 per dozen eggs cash or $7.50 per dozen eggs Venmo. This includes delivery in Blacksburg. TEXT 540-320-6717 or use the form at the bottom of this page.

free-ranging chickens fed a soy-free, organic, local Virginia diet

Did you know that most chicken eggs you can buy at the grocery store contain soy? Even farmers market eggs from most local farms contain soy! Chicken feed, even organic, is heavy on the soy products like soy beans and oil because it’s a cheap source of filler protein. It is extremely pricey for farms to use a real soy-free and organic feed alternative. Feeding chickens a soy-based diet can lead to flock health problems and blocks the absorption of vitamins and minerals in chickens and other livestock. The soy that they consume transfers to the yolk of the egg, which then transfers to whoever eats it! In humans, soy can be an allergen as well as cause health problems.

multicolor, soy-free organic Virginia eggs in a basket

We prefer to eat ethical, healthier eggs in our family and began our small egg farm with the intention of it being a family hobby. Since then, we have expanded in order to provide our community with better eggs. Supporting local businesses is also one of our core values. We are proud to source our soy-free organic feed from Virginia’s New Country Organics through Harmony Organics in Christiansburg. To learn more about chicken feed ingredients across the spectrum, check out this page (coming soon).

$7 per dozen eggs cash or $7.50 per dozen eggs Venmo. This includes delivery in Blacksburg.

Contact us for eggs! TEXT 540-320-6717 or use this form:

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