Tiny House Tour in Floyd, Virginia

I know you guys want to go see some tiny houses in person.  I know you do, don't lie.  So here's the scoop:Here's the Facebook event page.It's May 17th from 10-4.  You can also watch TINY: a story about living small afterwards.  Here's more info and tickets: http://sustainfloyd.org/tiny-floyd-thinks-tiny-house-may-17/I had the chance to meet the Tiny House Family … Continue reading Tiny House Tour in Floyd, Virginia

Tiny House Conference 2014

Tiny Home Builders/Dan Louche's "Tinier Living" model.

For those who missed the 2014 Tiny House Conference, start planning for the next one!  We had a blast down in Charlotte, NC with fellow bloggers and builders, as well as various other tiny house enthusiasts.  The presentations were very informative and I just loved being able to experience other tiny houses in person. How … Continue reading Tiny House Conference 2014

Tiny House Conference

Hello, hello!  It's been a while since my last post but I've just been settling into non-tiny house life.  I have a couple new tiny house ventures on the horizon though...more on this once things are concrete. This makes me even more excited to tell you all about the 2014 Tiny House Conference!  It's April … Continue reading Tiny House Conference

Virtual Tour

FOR SALE!  See http://tinyhouselistings.com/green-tiny-house-on-wheels-2/ The open house was excellent!  I managed to tally 175 people, so it may have been a few more.  I'll get some pictures up soon.  That reminds me...if anyone was there and took pictures, please send them to me if you're willing! I also posted the house on Tiny House Listings and have … Continue reading Virtual Tour

Tiny Open House

The time has come! I am delighted to announce that the house is done enough to have folks come check it out.  Anyone who is willing to make the drive (short or long) can come see the house, ask questions, and enjoy some refreshments.  I know it'll be a very short tour, but it'll be … Continue reading Tiny Open House

Almost finished! …and what’s up with tiny house prices?

We are getting so close to finishing the house!  Since my last post, we trimmed out the interior doorways, finished the quarter round on the floor, and installed shelves in the closets.   The doorway trim was really the last major use of my pallet pieces...it's kind of sad actually.  But they look great and … Continue reading Almost finished! …and what’s up with tiny house prices?


This is mostly going to be about the super awesome floor (because, well, it's super awesome).  In all seriousness, let me backtrack for those not familiar with the master plan.  I originally wanted to use old pallets for practically everything I could think of (cabinets, flooring, trim, siding, etc.).  After a ton of work to … Continue reading Flooring!