Tiny Open House

The time has come! I am delighted to announce that the house is done enough to have folks come check it out.  Anyone who is willing to make the drive (short or long) can come see the house, ask questions, and enjoy some refreshments.  I know it’ll be a very short tour, but it’ll be fun nonetheless!  Details:

When? 12/15/12 from 8 – 4 pm

Where? Newport Hardware & Supply: 108 Spruce Run Road, Newport VA 24128 (phone number is 540-544-3000)

There’s plenty to do in the area for you out-of-towners thinking about making the journey.  Virginia Tech is super close, Mountain Lake (where they filmed Dirty Dancing) is even closer, and I’ll let you google the rest.

It’ll be officially for sale at that point as well.  I’ll nail down a price closer to time.  So bittersweet!

8 thoughts on “Tiny Open House

  1. REALLY wanted to come today!! hope it all went well and please keep me posted if you do another, I WILL BE THERE WITH BELLS ON!! 😉

    1. Thanks Crystal! It went really well 🙂 I’ll post some details about it. We’re probably taking it to Tangent Outfitters in Pembroke on 12/19 because they are having a customer appreciation day and people might enjoy the house there.

  2. Sarah,
    It’s a long way to Newport, VA fom Miami, FL. but we still would love to see it! Please keep me posted on it’s sale or not and I will try and make when I come up sometime at the beginning of the new year! cdweichler@yahoo.com…Thnx!

  3. Hello Sarah!
    First, CONGRATULATIONS!! I know that it must feel wonderful to have accomplished this great work! My husband and I are in the process of selling our home so that we can make the tiny home transition. I was very happy to see that you are located in SWVA…we are near Abingdon/Bristol. It is rare that we would have an opportunity to visit a tiny home on wheels in this part of the world and I am very disapointed that we missed your open house. I did not see it advertised until I saw the home & your website on Tiny House Listings. Although we are not able to make a purchase until our home sales, are you willing to showoff your tiny home agan in the near future? Even though we are fully committed to the life, it would be a good thing for us to actually stand in one and see how it feels. You and your father did a wonderful job…we can only hope to find something this lovely when our home sales!!

    1. Thanks Christine! It feels great. I’m planning to take it to Tangent Outfitters in Pembroke, VA on 12/19. After that it’ll probably live at Newport Hardware for a while or go back to the building site (also in Newport). If you ever want to just check it out, let me know and we can arrange something.


      1. GREAT! Thank you Sarah! The photos from the open house look great. They give a really good size perspective with all of the people inside! We are planning to bring my car (Honda Fit…we like tiny cars too!) to have a “physical” in Christiansburg by the end of the month. I will contact you as soon as we confirm that appointment with Hokie Honda. EXCITING!

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