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FOR SALE!  See http://tinyhouselistings.com/green-tiny-house-on-wheels-2/

The open house was excellent!  I managed to tally 175 people, so it may have been a few more.  I’ll get some pictures up soon.  That reminds me…if anyone was there and took pictures, please send them to me if you’re willing!

I also posted the house on Tiny House Listings and have heard from a lot of interested folks!  The house might be sold this week but I’ll keep everyone posted.  For those wanting a better peek inside, I took a quick video last night for you:

7 thoughts on “Virtual Tour

    1. Thanks Mike. Actually we’ve had no issues! I was convinced the main problem would be with the flooring, but everything has remained intact. Before we put on the wall trim we did have a bow to some spots in the luan wall panels after moving it one trip, but it just required a few nails into the stud.

  1. Awesome job . I love the design & all Learned alot from ut pix & Video . compost toilet great Idea Hopefully 1 day I could build my own ! ! ! Been dreaming about it for 2 yrs now . just need to make a bigger doorway to fit a motorcycle & Im There . LOL ,Best of Luck with selling will go for a small fortune Im Sure . Thanx for all the great input & by the way how heavey it it & How was the fuel consumption as far as travel & All ??

    1. Thanks Keith! We built it so well that it’s about 9000 pounds. Used an F-150 to drag it up to northern VA and back…no issues. 6 mpg I think. Ouch! A bigger truck would do better.

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