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Although I’m building from plans, this house is going to require a bit of customizing.  The biggest issue at the moment is the overall height because the trailer we ordered seems a little higher off the ground than most, thus requiring some shortening of the walls and changing the pitch of the roof.  I need to keep this thing under 14 feet so I don’t need a special permit each time I want to move it.  My other concern is the windows because I’m going with cheaper options than what is called for in the plans so I’m sure I won’t find the specified sizes. In general, here are the basics of the mini abode:

  • Approximately 130 square feet (maybe 140?)
  • Wood siding exterior
  • Front door at the back of the trailer (not the tongue)…I considered putting the door on the side, but didn’t like it as much
  • Living room right as you walk in
  • Kitchen is galley style behind the living room
  • Bathroom includes a toilet and separate shower, behind the kitchen
  • No attached porch, however I do plan on constructing a folding wooden “porch” that can be placed outside when the house is stationary
  • RV hookups, but hopefully I can wire it for solar as well

It’s really a hybrid of Tumbleweed and Tiny Home Builders now that I think about it.  Tumbleweed has cute porches on most of their houses, but that reduces the interior living space.  I like the kitchen and bathroom layout of the THB design.  I’m also planning to install Tumbleweed-inspired storage options to make it easier to live in as a permanent home.

2 thoughts on “Tiny House Plans

  1. I am excited for you. I purchased my plans about 3 years ago and haven’t moved forward. I look forward to your new house.

  2. It’s awesome to see so many people attempting and following through on the tiny house living. I’m very excited to follow your process. I totally agree that the TTHC’s porches do take away a lot of square footage so a folding porch is an awesome idea. I’m designing (on paper for now) folding benches for the inside and have considered doing the same for a porch extension. Maybe we can compare notes at some point.

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