Late October Update

Got a lot of little stuff done at the end of October! ¬†Most exciting is starting the flooring ūüôā There will be an open house in about a month at Newport Hardware. Details soon!

Early October Progress

We had another trip to prepare for, so in went the stairs/ladder and we finished up the exterior paint (aside from the door and touch-ups). ¬†After getting back from the northern VA adventures, it was time to finish the propane lines! ¬†Finally we could test the water heater, oven/stove, and the Newport P9000. ¬†As muchContinue reading “Early October Progress”

Build Day 24 (6/3/12)

A short workday but we managed to install the front door. ¬†It’s steel with a venting window to help cool down the house since I’m not putting in A/C. ¬†The original plans called for two windows on either side of the door, but I really wanted to use the space on the inside for storageContinue reading “Build Day 24 (6/3/12)”

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