Build Day 3 (4/19/12)

A lot happened over the last few days besides building.  I grabbed another heap of pallets to work on in case the weather didn’t allow for construction.  I’m considering making wood flooring out of the pieces…we’ll see where that idea goes. There’s a pile of about 10 pallets waiting for me to dismantle, which I will get to in a few days.

I also (finally) ordered my windows!  As a result of knowing the window sizes finally, we got some framing done!  We built the first wall down on the trailer and then stood it up in place.  So nice to see some vertical progress 🙂



It doesn’t look like much for a total of 2(ish) hours, but I insisted on doing most of it so I slowed us down a bit. Thankfully the rain held off!  The blue tape in the first pictures is left over from some space planning.  We mapped out everything to scale to make sure I had the windows where they needed to be (i.e. away from the closets and stove).

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