Build Days 30 and 31 (6/16/12 – 6/17/12)

Apologies for the sporadic updates!  I was working on my paper, had to deal with moving, went to Vegas, and we were without of power for about 10 days!  The good news is that I am done with my degree (that’s right, DONE…I cannot express my excitement enough here).  Now that life is back to being life instead of a tornado, let’s talk siding:

Dad and I started on one of the long walls at the bottom with starter strips.  These guys are small pieces of trim we ripped down and nailed up that make sure the angle of the bottom piece of siding matches the angle of the rest of the siding pieces that go all the way up.  We staggered the seams in the longer pieces for aesthetics but also to make sure we didn’t leave much scrap just because we didn’t want too many seams.  The easy stretches under the windows were awesome!  We have these two siding tools that you nail onto the wall and it spaces your reveal perfectly every time without us measuring.  Kudos to dad for that find.

Around the windows was the rough part, mostly due to the odd trim I did.  There was lots of measuring and cutting, and remeasuring and recutting. 🙂  We are waiting to put on the siding on the dormers because we need certain roof panels to go on first.  It’s an interesting puzzle!

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