Build Day 35 (7/28/12)

As I’ve stated previously, life got crazy!  I was able to order appliances and do some theoretical work on the wee house, but no construction to speak of.  Back in the swing of things now though!  While I was in Las Vegas for a conference, the roof crew was working.  Although I had wanted to do this myself, time is of the essence (and somehow I’m justifying the cost….)  Also, a random fun pic of my sister’s camper with my tiny house.  🙂

For the actual day of 7/28, we finished up the siding on the dormers and the ends (minus a few small sections, saved for the next day).  There were a lot of odd cuts and tricky sections but we got it done!  Definitely helped having an extra person there too.  I’m thinking painting party for the siding – who wants to join?? 😉

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