News Day (7/30/12)

My university spread the word and managed to get John Carlin out to film the wee house.  For those curious, here’s his blog: http://johncarlinsvirginia.blogspot.com/

The segment will air sometime in late(ish) October and I think there will be something put on the blog.  We staged the house so it’s easier to see where things will go.

3 thoughts on “News Day (7/30/12)

  1. Hello Sarah! I just found your blog and love it! I attend APU – the sister to AMU and live in Callaway, VA. I would love to see your tiny house in person as I am considering either a tiny house or a small home (400 sq ft of less), although I am planning to build my youngest son a tiny home after seeing the one built by Austin Hay. You make the building of this tiny home look very doable. Thanks!!!

    1. Sorry for the delay replying! You are welcome to come check out the house anytime, or wait until we have an official open house in December. It’ll be at Newport Hardware & Supply in Newport, VA. Not sure how far away that is for you, but worth the drive if you want to feel what it’s like to be in a tiny house. I wish I had that opportunity before building!

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