Build Days 38 – 46 (8/8/12 – 8/16/12)

So much work to catch up on…I’m thinking just a picture post today!

5 thoughts on “Build Days 38 – 46 (8/8/12 – 8/16/12)

  1. I may have missed it along the way but I am curious what solar panel you went with and what guided that decision? You had some really great information in your research for the water heaters, I am sure you did similar research for solar panels, any chance you can share that when you get a chance?

    1. I spent tons of time pondering and researching solar. The panel I went with is 250 watts, which I chose based on its capacity and the price (Amazon has some good options). I really didn’t care about the brand as much as I paid attention to the reviews folks left for each product. The brand I ended up with is Grape Solar and they seem pretty good.

      Since I’m not sure which direction the house will be/the sun will be, I’m not mounting the panel on the roof. Instead, it’ll be on frame that can angle it correctly while it sits on the ground and can be moved based on where the sun is. The charge controller, inverter, and two batteries are going to be inside the exterior storage box on the tongue. A long cable will connect the gadgets to the panel.

      To be honest, I went a little overboard on the solar panel based on the power I actually need, but wanted to make sure it was big enough to supply the batteries with enough juice in case someone adds more electrical things in the future.

  2. Just got onto your blog late in the game it appears but the wee house looks awesome so far! Great Job! I have been so interested in the tiny house movement for years. I really wish i could get to the Catawba farm fest (where i ran across your blog BTW) next weekend to see the house and hear what you have to say about it! Unfortunately out of town that weekend. Living in North Roanoke County it would be a prime time to catch a glimpse of it. I will keep my eyes on the blog 1) to watch it through to completion and 2) to see if and when you have any more events coming up! Thanks for the Blog!

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