Early October Progress

We had another trip to prepare for, so in went the stairs/ladder and we finished up the exterior paint (aside from the door and touch-ups).  After getting back from the northern VA adventures, it was time to finish the propane lines!  Finally we could test the water heater, oven/stove, and the Newport P9000.  As much as I wanted a woodstove (and still have the one I bought sitting in storage), this little heater is a good option for tiny houses because of how little clearance it needs around itself.  I ended up buying the woodstove from myself to save for another house down the road 🙂

Besides all these pictures, I have a video treat for you all coming up.  If only I could get it to load…I took today off from work, so I’ll do my best to post the vid today sometime in between my various construction projects.

6 thoughts on “Early October Progress

  1. Your blog hits have really taken off- the word is out! Nice progress and love the rustic look. Let me know when you are back in NOVA.

  2. Loving your tiny house more and more! I like the rustic look with the darker trim contrasting against the lighter walls and counters gives it a nice warm cozy feeling! Ditto on the above comment for the stair/ladder! Excellent work Sarah!

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