Build Day 24 (6/3/12)

A short workday but we managed to install the front door.  It’s steel with a venting window to help cool down the house since I’m not putting in A/C.  The original plans called for two windows on either side of the door, but I really wanted to use the space on the inside for storage rather than for windows.  I think this meets the window/wall space requirement I had in my head quite nicely.  As for hardware, I’m going to scrounge around the ReStore but I’ll probably have to get a new knob and deadbolt set.  Boooo!

The installation itself was easier than I thought.  I caulked the floor underneath the door to seal out the elements and such, then we popped in the door.  After testing the swing and squareness, it just needed some shims on the side and to be screwed into the studs.  A bit of caulk around the molding on the outside, and voilà!  We’ll start the trim whenever we get another dry day.

One thought on “Build Day 24 (6/3/12)

  1. I am amazed at all the green building projects I am seeing. Smaller and more sustainable living is definitely living large. We moved into a smaller home and enjoy how we are saving energy and living life more outside the walls of a house. You are doing excellent work, very impressive.

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