Build Days 14 and 15 (5/17/12 – 5/18/12)

Another combo based on the smaller amount of work accomplished both days.  There was still some framing left to do on the dormers, so we put up both long angled boards on each side.  This is what the plywood roof will eventually sit on at the bottom.  Getting the angle cut right on these was a little tricky, since we were sans table saw and they’re both long boards (13 feet ish?  I can’t remember the exact length.)  I also screwed on some brackets that help secure the roof to the walls in case of high winds…it’s a bit of overkill, but good for peace of mind.

On the 18th we put up the last roof framing bits so we’d be ready for plywood tomorrow.  They’re the trusses on the very ends of the long angled pieces we installed yesterday.

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