Build Day 16 (5/19/12)

Another roof day!  This one was more exciting than the others though because plywood eventually went up.  First I put on a few more brackets that secure all the planes of the house together, and then some went on over the roof trusses.  Those were a bit of a pain, to be honest.  The height, angle, and my shortness made for a frustrating combination.  I keep thinking about them like the hurricane ties that they use in Florida…they seem like the tiny house equivalent to me.

Once that was done, we cut the plywood to size and nailed it on the end sections of the roof.  Luckily the first piece just needed a little trimming and we were able to use some leftover pieces from the walls for the smaller bits that needed to go closer to the peak.  I probably get a little too giddy whenever I see us using pieces that would have otherwise gone into the burn pile, but hey, why else would I be studying environmental sustainability if I didn’t get into this stuff?  The various sections of plywood needed some clips to add strength wherever they didn’t meet the trusses.  It’s pretty amazing how much sturdier it felt with just those small metal clips.  I’m learning that there are a lot of seemingly insignificant items or methods to building that make a big difference on the finished product.  Duh.

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