Build Day 17 (5/20/12)

…and yet another roofing day concludes.  The plywood went up on the dormers so we’re good to go with all the plywood for the roof.  Finally!  Because of the height of the house and weight of the plywood, ladders seemed more awkward than necessary so we used the tractor.  Not sure which would have won the awkward contest, but it certainly saved my arms this way.  We even sucked mom into this operation!  Basically we just both got in the bucket with the plywood, were lifted up to the roof, and flopped the boards over until all the pieces were up on the roof ready for nailing.  Thanks mom 🙂

We also managed to put up some tar paper on one section of the roof before the day ended.  We’re using some super paper that is way better than regular stuff, so it’ll be really sealed from the weather up there.  The weather is iffy all week, so it’s questionable if we’ll be able to finish the roofing paper tomorrow or the next day.

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