Build Day 23 (6/02/12)

Been a few days since we worked on the house – I went up to the office for a bit again.  Yesterday the front door came in and we picked up the shower as well.  I can’t wait to see how the door looks on the house!  It’ll also be nice to keep out the bugs…they are quite enjoying their stay in the wee house.

As for construction, we finished the loft today!  The rafters are 2x6s, cut a smidgen shorter than the interior width of the house so we could squeeze them in.  It got a little awkward, but we managed to fit ourselves and the nail gun in the small spaces.  The plywood was also a bit of a struggle based on the shape of the loft…admittedly, it’s not completely square so we had to move the plywood a few times until we got it to fit.

The siding also came in, so it’s stacked up waiting to be installed.  I also ordered a fancy siding nail gun and dad found some cool tools for installation.

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