Build Days 25, 26, 27 (6/6/12-6/8/12)

I’m combining these 3 days since they all deal with trim and would have been too short to separate and still be interesting.

6/6: We put all the corner trim on (well, almost all of it…there are some corners on the dormers that still need it, but we have to wait for the roof to come in).  It’s Smartside trim and siding from LP that is pretty environmentally-friendly.  I got a good deal on it through the local hardware store and the company didn’t require a minimum order.  I had looked into cedar and other options for this stuff that seemed cheaper, but everywhere I looked required a minimum of twice what I actually needed.

6/7: Trimmed out all but 2 windows after debating which style to go with.  It’s certainly different, but it fits in with the vision I have in my head.  Keep any disapproving comments to yourself please 😉

6/8: Finished the trim on the last windows, around the door, and spray-foamed (that’s a verb, right?) around the wheel wells on the inside of the house and around the windows.  Even though I knew it would expand a lot, I still managed to overfill the cracks.  At least you know it’s extra sealed!

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