So much to catch up on!

Well, I suppose this means the end of “build days” and the beginning of a very belated post of all the progress over the last month. Β It’s, well…AWESOME.

Ready. Set. Pictures:

13 thoughts on “So much to catch up on!

  1. I’m really loving the pallet flooring! And your finds at the Habitat Restore and thrift shops are fantastic!

  2. Looks awesome Sarah! What are your plans for the small house project now? Will you still keep your blog going? To give an account of how things progress…… things that work and things that don’t ….. things you like and things that that maybe didn’t work out quite like you had intended. I have enjoyed watching the progress on the small house! Thank you!

    1. Thanks Kevin. I still have a bit to do on the house (finish the exterior paint, interior trim, shelves, and some propane), so the blog will keep going. As for the house, I’ll be selling it upon completion.

      1. Well it at least sounds like you can see the light at the end anyway! Man i wonder if i can find some sponsors to pay me to blog about my adventures of traveling around in the tiny house! haha Well that means i really need to get out and see the house before it is sold i guess! Any ideas of where it may show up next? I am in Roanoke BTW.

      2. It’ll definitely set up shop at Newport Hardware & Supply for a while, probably closer to mid-late October. I’ll post an update when it’s down there. Roanoke is only 45 mins or so from there.

  3. Hi Sarah – My name is Preeti. I work for Channel 9 News. We were interested in talking to you about the house you built. If you, shoot me an email and maybe we can try and figure something out! Thanks so much!!

  4. Great job! Our family spent a wonderful week in a very similar but slightly larger rental unit in the FL keys. It wasn’t green but was very liveable. Were you involved in any of the VT energy efficient homes that were in the national contests on the Smithzonian mall? You should sell the plans for yours!

    1. Hi Bruce,

      I wasn’t involved in any of that but it sounds cool! I’m not sure about selling plans…sounds like it would complicate life more. πŸ˜‰ I’m always happy to provide guidance to folks though.

  5. Read about your small house project in The Washington Post and quickly checked it out. Love that you recycled materials and used solar energy. Kudos to you and Dad (and Mom for painting). You are awesome! I think you should tour our great country in it to show what an enterprising young woman like yourself can accomplish.

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