Dad and I had a blast taking the house up to Manassas and Charles Town!  I got to share it with my friends, coworkers, and random tiny house enjoyers.  On our way up, we stopped at a gas station and ended up giving an impromtu tour!  As for the media coverage, let me say that it got a little hectic but everything worked out and I think it went really well.  I spoke with someone from the Patch, the Washington Post, WJLA, and Jefferson Spirit.  Am I missing anyone?  I hope not!  So here are some links to the main articles:



…I think the Washington Post article is how most of you fine folk found my blog.  Welcome to you!  If you’re ever down near southwest VA, let me know if you’d like to stop by (before I sell it).  Speaking of selling, lots of interest in that arena, probably due to this news stuff.  So thanks news people!  Here are some pictures from our adventure:


2 thoughts on “News!

  1. I am seriously interested in purchasing this house. I have had in mind purchasing a Sprinter and having it retrofit. But I love this idea. I’ve not a clue how much you might need for it. I have looked in a general way at the cost of used Sprinters that may already have a retrofit. but I’m especially drawn to all the green aspects of your home. I currently own a house on which I had installed 11 solar panels. Although I will not live long enough to see any financial payback on that, I’m glad I had it done. Doing whatever I can is important to me.

    1. Glad you like it! My email is waywardwillow at gmail.com if you’d like to chat price and such. I’m not done with the house yet so I don’t have an official asking price…

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