Open House Pictures

Better late than never!  These were taken by Phil Nebe (http://autolox.smugmug.com) who traveled from Richmond to see the wee house.  Thanks for the great pics, Phil!

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And these are from Anne, one of my mom’s friends who was kind enough to share them:

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4 thoughts on “Open House Pictures

  1. I love the house and have just started getting interested in building my own. Sarah, you’re a woman after my own heart. It really is nice! Great photos, by the way! If you haven’t sold it yet, I’m sure it WILL sell. I’m all for living within ones means and not trying to keep up with the jones’es, (sp?). Anyway, it’s out of my price range of what I can afford, but I’m sure a lot of work went into it. I’m ckg. With VA for small home loan to see if they will let me borrow the $$$ to build one. Doubt it tho. Keep up the good work and the green idea!

  2. Sarah,

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has asked that I contact you regarding exhibiting at their National Sustainable Design Expo and People, Prosperity and the Planet Competition April 2013 on the National Mall.

    Please contact me at ……… or call ……….. I’d love to explore with you making this happen.

    Jo-Ann Saville
    SAIC, under contract to the U.S. EPA

  3. I drove by on my way to do some Plein Air painting at Glen Alton…. really interested in this concept. Thanks for sharing!! Just setting up the tiny house in Newport set me on a path. So, I’m grateful. I’d love a tour if you’re still set up.

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